Reinstatement Request [OPENED]

Section for reinstatement and transfer requests.

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Reinstatement Request [OPENED]

Postby Police Department » Thu May 11, 2017 6:01 pm

Reinstatement Request
Status : OPENED

People who are retired from the San Andreas Police Department are allowed to request a reinstatement to San Andreas Police Department, your request will be forwarded to the Training and Recruitment Unit and discussed by the Command and High Command Team of the Department.

But, you have to pass the several things & requirement:
  1. Must have served San Andreas Police Department for one month.
  2. Must have a minimum rank that is Police Officer II when you discharged or resigned.
  3. A clean criminal record is a must. However, an exception can be made for certain misdemeanor charges.
  4. You are allowed to make a reinstatement request if you have fulfilled these duration since your last discharge:
    • Honourable Discharge (Resign) - min. 1 month
    • Dishonourable Discharge (Kicked/Infraction) - min. 3 months
    • Dishonourable Discharge (Permanent) - Must be accepted by the High Commands and Command Teams
These requirements may be changed, it depends on the High Command's decision.

Title of topic: [Reinstatement] Firstname Lastname

Code: Select all

[divbox=black][color=white][center][size=120]Personal Information[/size][/center][/color][/divbox]
[b]Previous Rank[/b]:
[list][*][ ] Central Headquarter (Commander or Above please pick this one)
[*][ ] Dillimore Precinct
[*][ ] Santa Maria 77th Precinct
[*][ ] East Beach Precinct
[*][ ] Angel Pine Precinct
[b]Date of Leave[/b]:
[b]Why did you leave the Department[/b]:
[quote=Answer]<IC Reason>[/quote]

[divbox=black][color=white][center][size=120]((Out of Character))[/size][/center][/color][/divbox]
[b]Link to Character Story[/b]: [url=<LINK HERE>]Nickname[/url]
[b]Why did you leave the Department[/b]:
[quote=Answer]<OOC Reason>[/quote]
[b]What activity do you had during your free time as a normal player on JG:RP since you're discharged?[/b]:
[quote=Answer]<Answer here>[/quote]
[b]Have you been/joining in any faction/gangs/families since your discharge?[/b]:
[quote=Answer]<List here>[/quote]
[b]List all your previous characters here[/b]:
[quote=Answer]<Do not lie>[/quote]
[b]Why did you want to join the department back?[/b]:
[quote=Answer]<Answer with effort!>[/quote]
[b]Can you fulfill your duty time effectively?[/b]:
[quote=Answer]<Do not lie>[/quote]

[divbox=black][color=white][center][size=120]Declarations Agreements[/size][/center][/color][/divbox]
[quote]I, Firstname Lastname declares that;[list=1]
[*]I am willing always joined and active in the San Andreas Police Department in two weeks after got accepted on the reinstatement.
[*]I am willing always joined and active in the San Andreas Police Department and I will inform the SAPD if I have an obstacles during my duty.
[*]I am willing to obey all the rules and regulations.
[*]I am willing to do not take any job besides of my job in the SAPD.
[*]I am willing to accept the consequences of ((180 minutes)) jail and a fines of $3.000.00 if I violating/breaking this contract.[/list][/quote]

[quote]((I, hereby OOCly swear that all the informations I gave on Out of Character Section is true, and will be polite to every staff of SAPD without seeing their attitudes, ages, and the others, and also I acknowledge that I can be demoted/kicked/suspended or even banned from the server for any reason whether it is IC or OOC.))[/quote]

Los Santos, DD MMM YYYY

[i]Firstname Lastname[/i][/divbox]

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Re: Reinstatement Request [OPENED]

Postby Scott_Argent » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:16 pm

((Updated form to require Character Story))
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Re: Reinstatement Request [OPENED]

Postby Samuel_Lockhart » Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:06 pm

(( updated, OOC reasons ))
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